Fallen: A Theology of Sin – Review

Sin is one of those words today that has become taboo within the church and ministry world for many. We don’t want to offend people so many believe we must stop using the word all together. I actually served in a youth ministry that would not allow us to use the word “sin” in any of our messages to kids because they didn’t want to hurt or offend the kids. Here is the truth and why I Fallen: A Theology of Sin edited by Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson is so important: Sin is real and the gospel is offensive to sinners. We are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God according to Scripture, and in time in western history when we have become over-sensitive to not want to offend others this book is perfect and necessary to remind us just how dangerous sin is in our lives, and how we must seek to remove it from our lives at all costs.

The editors of this book have collected eleven essays from pastors/theologians that walk through sin in the Bible, sin in history and sin today to show the importance that we have a solid theological grasp on sin. As you read through the pages you begin to see the biblical importance of sin and how the gospel of Jesus Christ saves alone undeserving people. In today’s culture we want to believe that we are good enough and our sins are not as bad as the Bible says they are. Many churches show this by their lack of preaching and teaching on the danger of sin in their people’s lives. I would recommend this book to any pastor to refocus on what the church is about: making disciples which begins with helping people to see Jesus and realize they have sinned against God. Both are necessary, and we cannot truly repent unless we fully see our sin. This is the second book that I have read in the Theology in Community series, and I am interested in checking out all of the books. Read this book in the new year. You can get it here.


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