From Heaven He Came and Sought Her Review

There are some topics in theological circus that hardly are looked at in a deep level. Definite atonement is one of those topics. Very few books have been written on the subject of definite atonement, and none have been written with the depth as From Heaven He Came and Sought Her edited by David Gibson and Jonathan Gibson. Definite atonement has long been a argumentative theology within Reformed theology, which says that Jesus died for the elect. Much has been written on this subject, but none with the magnitude and care that the Gibsons and authors have placed on this sensitive subject matter.

In this book, the editors have pieced together four areas to specifically look at the topic of definite atonement through different lens. The four areas that are focused on are definite atonement in church history, in the Bible, in theological perspective, and in pastoral practice. The question that the editors are ultimately trying to consider in these four areas is, “Did the Father send Christ to make atonement for the purpose of saving only the elect or all men?” (46) The editors and authors have carefully walking through four areas of this troubling and confusing doctrine of the church, and have helped to look at the theoretical as well as the practical ministerial aspects that this doctrine has on the church and ministry. This is one of the most inductive books on this doctrine, and From Heaven He Came and Sought Her should be considered and read by all pastors and theologians who want a more firm understanding on Definite atonement, on whichever side of the fence they find themselves on.


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