Information Doesn’t Create Inspiration

Information does not create inspiration. I’ve seen this often in many churches that they try to inspire people by giving them lots of information. Whether it is information to participate in programs and ministries or information around a campaign or initiative. The thought is the more information thrown at them the more likely they are to participate and jump on board. This is incorrect.

Simply giving people a lot of information about ministries, programs and opportunities will not move them to act or participate. Often times the sheer amount of options can be paralyzing to people so they end up doing little to nothing. And who can blame them? The amount of things that many churches value as important stack up and it becomes a game of picking and choosing for people who don’t have the time to do everything the church offers. Instead of telling people about all the programs and hope to inspire them, why not consider showing them the importance through stories? Stories cast great vision and motivation. They move people if told well. Stories inspire. Information does not.

Churches should consider moving people towards mission and vision through inspiring stories that captivate people. The first thing you need is a vision and discipleship process. If you don’t have that, inspiring people will be difficult and nearly impossible as you pull them in many different directions that you see as important. Once a clear mission and vision is set, inspire people through stories of transformation and the power of the gospel. Show people why small groups would be important to their walk instead of just telling them. Show people why a short term missions trip is a value of your church instead of just throwing info at them and expecting them to jump. How many times have you seen information about dieting and weight loss? Did it ever inspire you to drop the bag of chips and get moving? Probably not. Show people the importance and the value.

Information does not create inspiration. Don’t just give people info and expect them to move. Show them with stories and inspire them to move.


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