Experiencing the Trinity Review

We all need to grace of the triune God. Each and every day, and often times it is easy for us as Christians to forget this. Or to focus one area of the Trinity too heavily. We need God as Father, God as Son in Jesus and God as Spirit. In his newest book, Experiencing the Trinity, Pastor Joe Thorn has written short devotional-like reflections on attributes and elements of each member of the Trinity, and how we as believers can understand God more in our lives and understand His grace for us.

In 50 short chapters, Thorn unpacks different qualities of the Father, the Son and the Spirit in order to help the reader see God’s love for them and feel His grace for them as they read each chapter seeing Him more and more. Thorn wrote this book after coming out of a season of feeling depleted and lost. He says his family life and church ministry were both going well and growing, but yet he felt worn out and overworked. He admits that he was not resting well. Through a dark season, Thorn wrote this book to help those that are struggling, tired, weary, worn or even those who are ‘thriving’ in whatever way that might look like.

We all need the Triune Lord. We all need to understand the qualities and attributes of the Lord, and Experiencing the Lord is a great resource to help someone begin to see the Lord more clearly in their life. I would recommend this book (along with Thorn’s first book Note to Self) as a great resource to help you see God more and feel His grace, love and mercy for you in your life.


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