Blind Spots – Colin Hansen Review

Colin Hansen, Blind Spots: Becoming a Courageous, Compassionate, and Commissioned Church. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2015. 128pp. $12.99

Nearly two thousand years after the inauguration of the church and it seems like today more than ever there is disunity amongst Christians. In the year 2015 with the use of social media and other various technologies it seems to come down to who has the loudest voice and the biggest stick for many Christians, churches and pastors. Many Christians and pastors see something that is different than “their Christianity” and they immediately pounce on it. This is sad. This is not what we see in Scripture for the church and for the pursuit of Christ-centered unity between brothers and sisters in the faith. Collin Hansen in his newest book, Blind Spotslooks at this very topic. Hansen begins by admitting a realization in his life when he didn’t understand the different gifts and skills that other Christians have been given and the importance of their stories and strengths that are different. Instead of seeing our sin and our need for grace, we see others and believe we are better than them. “When you and I compare ourselves to Christ, we get unity because we see our sin and forgive one another as God forgave us (Loc. 113).

Why would people want to listen to what we have to say about Jesus when as Christians we can’t respectfully listen and love one another? Why would the culture hear anything we’re saying when inside the church we are arguing constantly? Hansen rightfully says to this, “As we point fingers at each other in the church, the world desperately needs our helping hands” (Loc 173). As many pastors, churches, networks and denominations have become inward looking they have become unaware of the blind spots. Hansen says there are three types of Christians that the church needs today to pursue unity and show the world truly who Jesus is even amongst our diversity.

Hansen sees the three types of Christians as being compassionate, courageous and commissioned. These types of Christians correlate well with Christ’s roles of prophet (courage), priest (compassion), and king (commission). The church must look to Jesus to understand these three qualities and to see as fellow brothers and sisters who possesses each of them. We need one another in the church and despite our theological or doctrinal differences, we love and worship the same Jesus. The world must see our love for Him above all else not notice our disagreements and differences with another first or at all. This is a short book that all Christians should read. This is especially a must read for pastors/church staff, networks and denominations. We must pursue unity in the faith not continue to shout and point about the differences. This is what the world sees currently, and they are losing interest in Jesus when we argue amongst ourselves. Grab this book to begin the conversation of unity in your local church.


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