The Pastor and Counseling – Review

Pastoral counseling is significantly important to the life of a church. For most seminary programs of all emphasizes have some pastoral counseling classes as a required area of study. The problem is that many churches today have focused their attentions when hiring a pastor to management/business experience over seminary experience, and many pastors today are not equipped well to handle counseling in their church. Even with seminary and counseling experience, a pastor can always use a helpful book/tool to guide them in preparing for and walking with people through counseling in life circumstances.

In their new book, The Pastor and Counseling: The Basics of Shepherding Members in NeedJeremy Pierre and Deepak Reju have created a tool that all pastors should have near on their desk in order to walk with people with biblically led and focused counseling. The Pastor and Counseling focuses on the basics in order to help all pastors of all levels (whether seminary trained, new pastors, experienced pastors and/or no seminary/training at all) to know how to help the members of their church body and help those in their community who need biblical counseling.

Pierre and Reju bring years of experience in pastoring and counseling to this book, and focus their attention on what they consider to be the necessary basics in preparing before, during and after meeting with someone whether once or on-going, depending on the situation and scenario. There are many books available on pastoral counseling but I would highly recommend you consider The Pastor and Counseling to be on your shelf to your bible as you will use it frequently if you are in need of guidance in shepherding and counseling people in a biblical manner.


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