I’m constantly looking for ways to shepherd my family to know God better in all of our lives. When my son, Josiah, was first born I read a book that really motivated and encouraged me to shepherd him by instilling patterns into our family’s natural daily rhythms from even a very young age. So I’m constantly looking for ideas and ways to help shepherd my son to see Jesus in his life.

I recently came across a new tool that I personally think is a game changer in terms of helping whole families come together and learn God’s Word in a way that is exciting and fun for kids. SproutBox is a new monthly subscription program that I learned about through their partnership with Awana. SproutBox’s mission is simple: to help parents and kids engage God’s Word in new creative ways. I love that! Again, as a parent who is searching for ways to help show God to my family, I love to hear organizations that want to do just that in a way that is engaging and interactive for kids today.

Here is how SproutBox works. A monthly box is delivered to your home that has 4 parts for you and your kids to go through. The four parts are: 1. Captivate (Puzzle), 2. Explore (Storybook), 3. Guide (Lesson) and 4. Experience (Craft/Activity). In the box that was delivered to my home Step 1: Captivate was a puzzle that when put together, and when the SproutBox app is downloaded, provided an interactive video that truly came alive right in front of us. I’ll be honest, this was really cool to see (yes, even 31 year-old kids can have fun too!). With modern, interactive technology SproutBox has found a way to use new, digital technology to engage young kids while using ‘older’ interactive methods such as puzzles and crafts that families can work on together around the table. Step 2: Explore is a short story that sets up the Bible lesson and activity later on in Steps 3: Guide and 4: Experience well. All four parts go together and move into the next step well.

What I really appreciated about SproutBox is that they are using digital technology alongside stories and in-home family projects all while setting the parents up well to go through the story, Bible lesson and activity confidently. Christian parents want nothing more than to share the Bible and Jesus with their kids, but often times it can seem very daunting of a task to know where to even begin. I’m really excited to see how SproutBox helps families and entire churches in the coming years to dive into God’s Word together and for kids to see God’s love for them through interactive technology, stories and activities that they will be able to do with their parents.

If you’re a parent, I would highly recommend you check out SproutBox as a way to shepherd your family towards Christ with a program that is developed with the whole family in mind. Their monthly boxes are delivered right to your home at the same time each month. I would also encourage pastors and churches to look into SproutBox and see if it is a method/tool that you would recommend as well to help the parents in your church to confidently shepherd their kids to know God’s Word and see Christ in their lives together as a whole family.

This is an honest review written in exchange of a review copy of SproutBox from Awana ministries. In no way do I profit or benefit from SproutBox subscriptions, but simply want to help families to shepherd their homes better.


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