Things Not Seen – Jon Bloom Review

We all have times when we feel tired, worn out and at the end of our ropes. Even as Christians who put their trust and hope in Christ, it is easy to forget in the hard moments that God is near us and with us in those exact times. In his new book, Things Not SeenJon Bloom reminders readers of God’s presence to His people while walking through familiar Bible stories that we all know, but by putting a different twist on them.

Bloom walks through these popular Bible stories adding in his own narrative and dialogue between characters in these stories which helps the reader to feel the story better and relate to it more. Bloom writes to start out the book that, “Hebrews 11 reminds us that God is doing far more than we can see in our agonies–these things that are so painful at times that they seem unbearable. We plead for God to deliver us from them, and we wonder why he keeps letting them go on” (Kindle Loc. 294). Bloom uses classic Biblical stories that illustrate tough times, pain and suffering to show God’s people seeking God, and His response to them.

In devotional style, Things Not Seen can be read throughout a month (give or take a day) or in a few days leisurely. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys narratives and stories, and wants to have an extra-biblical resource that can help us as readers possibly see the context, emotions and feelings of some of the heros of the faith in their times of need.


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