Owen on the Christian Life – Review

I’m not a big biography reader, but I have been incredibly pleased and have enjoyed the Theologians on the Christian Life series from Crossway. I have now read four books in this series, and have thoroughly devoured and highlighted heavily each of these books. Most recently I have read Owen on the Christian LifeAlong with not reading many biographies, I have not read any books by John Owen. I have had Mortification of Sin on my reading list for about five years now, but just haven’t read it. However, I have heard a great deal about this theologian and so I was immediately interested in diving into this book from Matthew Barrett and Michael Haykin.

One thing that I have loved about this series is that they have taken theological “giants” and made the accessible for all levels of reader whether new believer, long time believer, pastor, seminarian, etc. Barrett and Haykin walk through the life of John Owen as well as looking at the doctrines that he contributed to the most, and shown how his life and his understanding of a specific Christian doctrine help the reader to be able to live their own Christian life better knowing this all. Barrett and Haykin (as well as all the others/editors in this series) have done a great job of showing Owen and the other theologians in this series are human and have questions about many doctrines and how they walked through Scripture and life to put their understandings into practice. We all need to see this as we all go through these same walks.

I would thoroughly recommend this book to all Christians to want to know how to pursue God more fully. I am appreciative to Matthew Barrett and Michael Haykin for this book, and I am more appreciative to John Owen for his passion for Christ and desire to show Him in all that He did in his life.



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