The Wonder Working God by Jared Wilson

Miracles are all around us. Well, possibly. It just depends on what you define as a miracle. Some people believe miracles exist around us every single day from being able to fly, to getting the job that we wanted, to winning the lottery, to seeing a wonderful healing in someone. Some define these as miracles. However, others say miracles like the ones seen in the Bible no longer exist. They say we do not see the kind of miracles described in the New Testament, therefore they no longer are happening or exist. Since you don’t see them, they must not be happening.

Jared Wilson in his newest book, The Wonder Making God looks at the idea of miracles, and how we are to consider and think of miracles today by looking at the many examples all throughout Scripture. It all depends on what we are looking for and how we approach miracles. Many people say they would believe that there is a god if only he provided a miracle for them, like God is a jester waiting for our entertainment. But this is a wrong way to look at the miracles found all throughout Scripture. Instead we are to see these miracles, then and now, and know that He is God. “Even today, the New Testament miracles do not serve so much to prove that there is a God but that the Lord is God and we are not” (15).

As we see and read about the miracles all throughout Scripture, Wilson reminds readers that not all will understand or even see the miracles around us. Jesus performed miracles right in front of people, and the majority scoffed and walked away from Him. And even those that saw the miracles quickly forgot what He had done! “The miracles do nothing for those who do not have the spiritual eyes to see them” (16). Because of this, we have moved away from what miracles in the Bible look like and how they might actually look like around us today and instead consider the things around us that provide comfort and are self-actualizing as the greatest miracles.

This is not what miracles are about. They are not about us. The things that we often equate as miracles that elevate us are not in fact miracles. Through each miracle that we see, whether in Scripture or in our lives today, should focus us more on Christ and see His grace and mercy. Through the miracles in Scripture we see that God is a God that is with us, is sovereign, is in control and is always guiding us never wavering. Through the wonders of the miracles we are to see Christ who is the wonder worker, the giver of life and salvation.

The Wonder Making God does a fantastic job of looking at the miracles that are seen all throughout Scripture and showing what they were really meant to do: point people towards Christ and to show that the Lord is God and we are not. Even today, we are arrogant to say, “I’ll only believe if I see a miracle first.” This shows that we believe we are god and no one else, and we show through this that we do not have the eyes for the Kingdom with that stance. The Wonder Making God will point people towards Christ and will show that through every single miracle we can see the grace of God and they can move us closer to the wonder maker. Check out The Wonder Making God today.


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